Thursday, July 5, 2012

A new airplane!

     On the 5th of July, I took another flight lesson. This time, I flew a 1966 Cessna 150, N3718J. When I met with Joe before my lesson, we went over some of the basics of the plane and he told me what we were going to be doing that day. Since I didn't have my own headset yet, I borrowed one from my flight school and it worked fine. I have to say, I was pumped to fly something besides the Piper Cub!
Me taxiing back to our spot
     We walked out to the plane and I learned how to measure and check the fuel for contaminants(one of the fuel gauges wasn't working). After a normal preflight, I learned the start up procedure quite quick, and we taxied to runway 8. It was nice that we didn't have to do S-turns while taxiing like in the cub! Since this was my first time flying the plane, Joe did the first takeoff and I took control in the climb.

     I took us up to 3,000ft so that we could practice some normal turns and steep turns. All went well, so we continued to do a few stall sequences. Then, Joe acted as a controller, and I basically just followed his instructions and practiced what I would have to say over the radio. After some time in the air to get used the controls, I entered the left downwind for runway 8 and did my first landing. Let's just say that ground came up a little faster than I thought I was. It was a bit firm. I did my first takeoff in the plane and re-entered the pattern. My second landing was much better, but not perfect.

     Overall, it was an extremely fun flight! I got a feel for the new controls and extra instruments, and got a good taste of tricycle-gear airplanes. The next lesson will be in the same plane since the other C150 that Stewart has was damaged(flipped over during the storm last week when it was parked). I'm very excited, so look forward to my next post!

     P.S. I forgot to turn my camera on again, I'll try to remember to next time. Sorry guys, no video.    

This Flight: .8 hours, 2 landings, 2 takeoffs, N3718J, 40I-40I
Total hours to date: 13.4