Monday, September 24, 2012

My Second Solo Flight and Strong Winds

     With it having been almost 3 weeks since I have flown last, I thought I would go flying. I tried to book the Cessna 150, but it was taken for a Cross Country flight. So, I went up in the Cub. I'll start off by mentioning that the winds were pretty strong this day. When I got to the airport, Wright Brothers was reporting winds 2709G21KT.

     Joe and I started off by covering a few ground school topics before heading out to fly. When we finally did, we didn't have too much time because I only had Joe for an hour that day. I took us around the pattern 2 times using runway 26, obviously. I was definitely getting blown around a lot on my takeoffs and landings. So, it proved to be quite difficult and my landings were not exactly beautiful. But, the winds were not helping me. Nonetheless, Joe decided to hop out and let me solo again(usually students don't solo with wind over 10kts here).

Video with the GoPro

     When I started taxiing, the wind of pushing the little, light Cub really fast so I had to rely on the brakes the entire taxi. My first time around wasn't too bad, but the winds were definitely affecting my landings. On the second takeoff, a HUGE gust of win struck me and I banked pretty sharp to the right. I tried my best to correct for it and after that the winds seemed to die down at least a little bit. During that gust, my dad and instructor had to run after a runaway Citabria about to hit a hangar. I made another landing with a subtle bounce. After that, I went around the pattern 2 more time with little difficulty. Although, I had to really concentrate with the winds. After 4 patterns, I took the Cub to get fueled up and called it a day.

     One thing I learned today was to never fly when even a little uncomfortable with it. Honestly, I was not 100% confident this time. The wind situation made me a little uneasy. But, I still flew despite my fear. This may not have been the right decision at the time because I wasn't really having fun. I was a little too nervous about just getting the bird on the ground. I advise that you tell your instructor if you are not comfortable.

This Flight: .3 hours dual, .4 hours solo, .7 hours total, N77500, 40I-40I
Total hours to date: 19.2

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