Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another Solo Flight and Exploration!

     On 3/1/14, I got a call from the airport telling me that N60338, their C150, was back in service after a brake malfunction. 45 minutes later, I got to the airport and was ready to go flying. It had been a while since I had flown the C150, so Joe would be accompanying me for some of the time. I went to the airplane to preflight as well as refuel the airplane. Joe came out after I was done, and we went flying.

     After completing the CIGAR checklist, we departed runway 26 with relatively gentle winds and headed direct to Dayton Wright Brother's Airport(KMGY). There, I entered the left downwind for runway 20 and made a full stop, taxied to Aviation Sales Inc, and shut it down. Joe decided that it would be a time to show me where I will be taking the Private Pilot Knowledge Test("the written") next weekend. After showing me around a little bit, we hopped back in and headed back to Stewart. Once we exited runway 26, Joe hopped out and told me to just go on a mission and explore. He suggested that I fly to my house and back, and I thought that would be pretty fun.

My neighborhood from about 1100 AGL

     I departed runway 26 on my own and exited the pattern on the left downwind towards Caesar's Creek for a little sight seeing. I then continued down I-71 until I hit the Little Miami River, which I followed to my house. I did a few turns around a point(my house) until my family noticed and came outside. They even shot me a quick text telling me that they could see me. Eventually, I returned to the airport by following familiar roads and flew over a couple other familiar landmarks I could see from the air. After about 45 minutes, I decided to return back to Stewart and land once again on 26.

     If you live in Ohio or anywhere else in the Midwest, you know just how much snow we had received prior to this flight. Therefore, the ground was still rather wet which made it very difficult to push the plane back onto its concrete pads to tie it down. It's difficult enough when it's dry, let alone when you are trying to push it through mud! This is yet another flight that I think I will always remember. Being able to just go out and explore was very liberating. The fact that it was during sunset made it just that much better.

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